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BS-III Servo Series

The Borche BS-III Servo Series.

The Borche BS-III Servo Series uses a multi-pump control system, capable of producing small plastic parts with a single pump or larger parts with a multi pump. With low energy consumption, higher efficiency output has not been sacrificed; proving the BS-III series to be an economical choice.

The BS-III Series is accredited as  National First Grade in energy savings, with the best applications reaching only 60%  of the First Grade measured consumption levels.

Compared with similar hydraulic systems the BS-III Series can save 20%-80% energy. The Servo motor proportionately delivers hydraulic oil based on actual needs, avoiding extra heating and rises in temperature and ensuring water savings too.

The Borche BS-III Servo Series Features

Energy Efficiency

Advanced Energy Savings: 20%-80% energy savings compared with Hydraulic systems, low noise output and environmental protection and the Servo motor proportionally delivers hydraulic oil based on the machines actual needs, avoiding unecessary heating and rises in temperature. Saving water and energy.


The Borche BS-III Series feature an advanced power system, high precision control unit and stable, consistent performance. There are three sizes of screw barrel, proving highly versatile for adverse production requirements.

Additional Features
  • Designed in accordance with ergonomics to enable human-oriented operation
  • Integral optimisation improves rigidity of machine structure
  • Open space below clamping unit enables three directional removal
  • Transparent front cover for machine monitoring
  • More than 20 hazard labels to advise on safe operation
  • Double-carriage cylinder for stable injection

Product Specifications and User Manuals

View Product PDF's and user guides here. Please note this is a password protected area, please get in touch with us for access.

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