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BD Electric Series

Advanced Technology

BD Electric Series

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Borche’s BD series adopts unique direct drive structure. The mold clamping unit, ball screw of injection unit and motor spindle are integrated as whole, which can greatly improve transmission efficiency and motor response speed. The advanced four-in-one control technology can meet various application needs.


Direct drive technology for mould open and close

The ball screw is directly used as the rotor and shaft of servo motor, making the transmission more accurate and the transmission efficiency up to 99.99%. No synchronous belt, free maintenance and low noise.


User friendly control technology

Quick response servo motor with full independent intellectual property rights, high performance servo driver, new generation of intelligent controller and Borche’s unique intelligent electronic control technology, can better meet various injection molding application needs.


Direct drive technology for injection

The ball screw is directly used as the rotor spindle of servo motor, leaving out the connection of the intermediate parts, making the consistency of the action reach 100%, and reducing the inertia of the motor to improve the motor injection response speed.


Bigger mould opening

Bigger mould opening stroke better for deep-cavity products and automatic production


Higher Platen rigidity

Optimized design Higher platen rigidity Less platen deformation


Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors on hopper throat and transmission throat


Linear guide rail

The moving parts of injection unit are guided by linear guide rail with low friction resistance, which can improve the system response speed and back pressure control precision.

Advanced Technique

BD New generation of direct drive electric IMM

  • An adjustable injection unit
  • A design of direct drive servo motor system to injection unit
  • A new type of electric direct drive injection motor device
  • A design of motor direct drive structure for mold clamping unit A structure of charging system with electric drive system
  • Cross head zero position calibration mechanism and method for mold open and close
Request a full specification product brochure
Fast - Double efficiency
Accuracy - Quality Guarantee
Energy Saving

Fast – Double Efficiency

Quick response: injection response time less than 50ms

Fast mold open & close: 500mm/s

Overlapped movement: production time shortened by 30%

Fast cycle time: dry cycle decreased by 20%

*The above parameters are obtained via internal test for reference only.

Accuracy – Quality Guarantee

Repeatability precision of product weight increased by 3 times

Repeatability precision of injection position increased by 10 times

Intelligent – Intelligent connection

BD series machine can interconnect with injection moulding machine and the peripherals via Plascloud, complete two-way data communication, and realise the information and digital management of injection moulding plants.

Energy Saving

  • Low water consumption
  • Raw material saving: low product defects
  • Low oil consumption, 80% less than hydraulic machine

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