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BM Series

Borche multi-component machines can provide stable, precise and flexible solution for different kinds of customized demand. With more than 10years experience in this category, Borche have realized 5K injection in one machines. We have all kinds of multi-component machines, including parrallel, L shape, vertical, piggy-back etc.

MT Series

MT Series is a newly-developed two component machine series with wider platen and parallel injection units. Two injection units can be freely selected from injection unit of MT series.

ML Series

BM-ML two component machine is upgraded based on BS standard Injection machine. Taking BM150-022ML for example, the main and side injection units are equipped with 40 and 25 screws. respectively. Mold thickness is increased from 500mm to 550mm while the clamping specification of the BS150-III remains unchanged. Different injection unit size can be changed as per customer’s requirements.

MV Series

MV two-component machine is designed with vertical injection structure. The injection unit mounted vertically on the top of fixed platen, so machine covers the same footprint of standard machine.

MK Series

As the gap between two nozzles gets narrower, the space among four tie bars can be fully used, which facilitates to reduce mold size.
Separate control of two injection units allows different injection sequences, improves molding precision.

Three Component Machine

Our three or more component machines are made specifically for our customers. Please make an enquiry if you would like to discover more about our options for this machine.

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Other Machines

BU-V Series

Borche BU6800 is the biggest two platen injection molding machine in Asia in terms of combination of clamping force and injection volume as well as power saving effect. The clamping force reaches to 68000 KN. Borche Intelligent Two-Platen IMM are with superlong lasting tiebar,  precise, stable and reliable performance, less footprint and less mainetenance headaches. […]

BS Series

BS-Ill Servo Series are featured with adequate power system, high-precision control, stable performance, high versatility and three sizes of screw barrel, which satisfies different pro­duction requirement.

Bi Series

Bi series is able to connect peripheral equipment and realize two-way data communication, which intergrates the information of the peripheral equipment into the machines controller. Bi series can be linked with PC or mobile phone. User can easily monitor the status of the machines through the interconnectibility and its sensors inbuilt.