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Agema Engineering of Bedworth, Coventry are due to take delivery of a 2200 Ton Borche machine in May to further increase production capacity from the current level of 1800 ton.

The company are a first tier supplier to Jaguar Landrover of both interior and exterior car components and sub assembly’s and also supply Aston Martin and Triumph Motorcycles amongst others.

Production capabilities include wood veneer back moulding, plastic chroming, carpet back moulding and both over moulding and 2K moulding in the full range of materials including ABS, Polycarbonate, and filled Nylon etc.

The company operate the latest quality management systems including TS16949, Q1 and JLRQ and now have a total combined factory floor area of over 100,000 sq feet over five factory units.

Agema Engineering was established in 1986 by John Stringer who together with his son Jonathon has overseen a remarkable fivefold level of growth over recent years to the current turnover of aprox £16m in which represents aprox 23% growth over the previous trading year and with the current number of employees at 120 this represents a very productive employee/sales ratio for the business.

John Stringer together with his son Jonathon has a wealth of experience in the automotive industry and prior to establishing Agema Engineering spent a number of years working within the automotive industry in North America.

The success of Agema Engineering is very much related to the resurgence and growth of the uk automotive industry in general and Jaguar Landrover in particular.

With the installation of the new Borche 2200t machine together with a new Borche 1200t and 800t this represents an impressive total of over £10m in which the company have invested over the last three years in both new machines, factories, automation and production systems and facilities.

Due to the low headroom of the latest factory the new Borche machines will have automatic tie bar removal for low level mould entry together with floor mounted six axis robots for component removal and handling.

Tool making also represents an important aspect to the business in which the company has a fully equipped tool room and tool design capability also has a well established supply partnership direct with a Chinese toolmaker.

“Agema purchased the first Borche machine three years ago and now have over twenty, we have found the machines to be very reliable, consistent and extremely energy efficient, I have also visited the Borche factory in which is very large, modern and equally impressive “ John Stringer MD

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