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Glendenning Plastics has seen a massive increase in sales during this year particularly from the companies Garland Products range of Gardening and Horticultural products.

To meet the increased production demand the company have made significant investments in a further three new Borche machines together with Sepro Robots.

The new Borche BU600 and BU700 ton machines together with a new BS320 add to a fleet of some 32 machines now in production at the firms Kingswinford factory up to 1500 ton.

The new Borche machines are equipped with Servo Drive technology and thus deliver considerable savings in relation to the customers annual electricity cost.

Further investment has been made by the company in a new warehouse to provide additional storage capacity and thus releasing more space for expansion of production, the new warehouse is situated close to the manufacturing facility and can house up to 4000 pallets.

In addition to the garden product range the company also run an industrial and technical moulding division in which serves a number of industrial sectors including product handling & containers, transport, building & construction amongst many others, the company have also experienced growth within the technical moulding division as well.

Glendenning Plastics was established in 1965 by Ron Glendenning and is now run by his two son’s  Stuart and Miles Glendenning both of which have a wealth of experience within the plastics industry.

The company also continues to expand the product range with the recent addition of some 54 new lines to the product catalogue and follow an environmentally conscious approach to both manufacturing with a policy of raw material recycling and a reduction in the amount of finished product packaging.

“we have been using Borche machines now for over six years, the machines have proved to be very reliable and have delivered a considerable saving in terms of power consumption”

Stuart Glendenning


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