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Borche has now become one of the largest injection moulding machine manufacturers in the world, through quality, innovation and excellent customer service

The Borche BU1000 Series in action.

Borche Machinery UK BU1000 intelligent two-platen injection moulding machine installed at Midland's based injection moulding manufacturer Chess Plastics.

 With thanks to Glyn Olden and the team at Chess Plastics.

BS-III Servo Series

Uses a servo-pump control system, capable of producing small plastic parts with a single pump or larger parts with a multi pump. 

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BU Two Platen Series

This is a large two-plate servo injection machine with a clamping force from 5,000kN up to 68,000kN and large shot weight for aerospace, automotive, logistics and larger applications.

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BM Multi-Component Series

Multi colour injection moulding system, allows for multiple colour applications, ideal for components that need to work closely together.

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Precision machinery for manufacturers...

We can help with your production process with machines for industrial applications.

Industry Applications


With the amount of plastics used in automotive manufacture increasing, Borche Machinery UK caters for an increased demand for new tech in production.


Many building applications involve the use of PVC plastics, including: door and window frames, fascia profiles and drain & gutter profiles and joints. 

Crates and Wheelie Bins

Borche Intelligent Two Platen machines are perfect for plastic pallets, wheelie bins, crates for the agriculture industry, automotive industry, logistics and food industry applications.

3C Industrial

3C are thin, lightweight products such as LCD TV frames, laptop body enclosures, desktop computer enclosures, tablets mobile phones and other products utilising thin but strong enclosures.


A wide range of household appliances such as small kitchen appliances, audio visual products and air-conditioners and fitness equipment can be produced utilising Borche UK machinery.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods including laptop enclosures, games consoles,  mobile phone cases, tablet enclosures, food storage boxes and flat screen TV enclosures can be produced utilising Borche UK machinery.


Key Advantages of using Borche UK for your production line..



We have years of experience in design and delivery of injection moulding machinery.


We work with you and your business to install with as little disruption as possible.


Award winning design and multiple patents on some of the most sophisticated technology available.

About Borche UK

Based in Kingswinford, Borche UK is centrally based with warehouse facilities to easily cater for UK manufacturing companies.
With all machine manufacturing taking place in China, Borche UK are the direct route to UK Markets for injection moulding machinery for factories.
Our UK team offers the most up-to-date, sustainable custom manufacturing solutions. We only source materials from tried and trusted suppliers that meet our exacting standards of quality control and are here to help you to get your manufacturing needs catered for as effectively as possible.

We are experts of intelligent two platen IMM.

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